The iTrooth IT hails from Indianapolis, Indiana (Naptown). His music is definitely something you can feel, it comes with a lot of emotion attached to it. His music is definitely his own. He has a style that is very beasty but also still very relevant. If you want beats you can feel, but also be a tad bit different with, that still knocks and sounds crisp, then you have met the correct producer. As of now, he is creating music along with participating in collaborations, helping artists to record their music, mixing artists music for them, and sometimes also mastering their records. 

The Trooth has been creating music now for years. Since he had to use a Casio keyboard with a floppy disk used to save songs, a microphone, and a karaoke machine in order to play and record all at the same time. His grandmother who played the piano at his childhood church inspired him to want to play the keyboard which turned into the beat production and song arranging of today. He has been making beats and songs since the tender age of at least 12.

The Trooth IT is ready to work with and for you. Music is his passion if you hear a beat in your head and need it to be made into reality, send him your idea, beatbox it into an audio recorder and watch magic become real. This is truly a skill that he has used even for himself. He will work tirelessly to help you make your vision a reality.

Wait no longer contact him now for more information, check out his beats, sign up for the mailing list and become a part of this journey along with him. It's not about the destination but the journey that really counts! Bless up! He is looking forward to hearing from you soon. 

Lets get it!!!

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